Pressure injury stress on staff? The latest prevention guidelines promote technology that could help

Staffing challenges mean it’s increasingly difficult to maintain on-time patient turning and prevent pressure injuries. Fortunately, the latest guidelines detail recommended prevention protocols and promote new technology that can remind staff of turning times.
In this paper, see:
  • Highlights of the guidelines in an easy-to-read format.
  • A comparison between auditory cueing and wireless patient monitoring technology.
  • A case study showing how wireless patient monitoring improved efficiency for nursing staff and significantly reduced HAPI incidence in a 145-bed general hospital.
The first patient monitoring system designed to aid pressure injury prevention protocols is the LEAF◊ Patient Monitoring System, which combines wearable patient sensors with a user interface, offering:
  • Personalized care for each patient
  • Digital turn reminders (in room and at the nurses’ station)
  • Confirmation that patient turns have sufficiently offloaded pressure
  • Automatically generated reports

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