Proactive Engagement Centers: How Scripps Health Transformed their Traditional Call Center to Deliver Customer-Centric Experiences

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT 

Too often call center representatives lack context to why a consumer is calling and are forced into a reactive—rather than proactive—position. This creates a disjointed, impersonalized, experience.

Scripps Health, a $2.9 billion private, nonprofit, integrated health system in California, recognized that if they were going to commit to providing the highest quality care to their customers they had to improve the customer experience and provide proactive service that builds lifetime relationships with patients. They outgrew the call center and needed an engagement center. By creating a comprehensive 360 view of the caller, they arm their agents with the right context and talking points to provide a personalized, more informed customer experience.

In this webinar, hear how Scripps implemented an engagement center solution to capitalize on every customer interaction to build deeper, more personalized relationships with their prospects and existing customers.

Register today to learn how to…

  • Transition an existing call center into an engagement center
  • Connect all touchpoints to develop holistic customer-centered experiences
  • Leverage an engagement center solution to effectively track every customer interaction
  • Develop programs that attract, retain, and provide personalized service to the patient