Proper Peel Pouch Sealing


Wednesday, May 30th | 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT

One of the issues facing medical device reprocessing professionals is ensuring the seal on their peel pouches is a reliable, good seal that will hold until used. Traditionally, peel pouches are sealed two different ways; heat seal or self seal. Both have positive and negative features. The concern is how to ensure the seal is a “reliable, good seal” regardless of the type of pouch and sealing method used. A sign of a bad seal is a break in the seal, which can cause a path/opening, and therefore, no seal.

Join Stephen Kovach as he takes you through:

  • Proper ways to seal a peel pouch

- Heat sealable pouch
- Self-sealable pouch

  • Methods to Test and verifying your sealing process

    - Manual process
    - Mechanical process

  • Discuss Standards that support the practice of peel pouch seal verification testing