Protecting physician well-being: Key takeaways from AMA's Residency Burnout Survey

Understanding residents and fellows' experiences with work-life balance and wellness is of profound importance, especially amid the pandemic, as medical training can be a peak time for distress among physicians. This knowledge is vital to creating a positive residency experience that helps physicians prioritize work-life balance objectives throughout their career.

National findings from the American Medical Association's recent survey of more than 1,000 residents illustrates the key stressors of today's residents and fellows. Download the summary report to learn more about these insights and discover organizational well-being resources available through the AMA Health System Program.

Key learnings:

  • Do care teams feel valued by their organization?
  • How is workload, work pace and EHR stress affecting residents?
  • How is burnout affected by other residency experiences, like sleep and peer support?
  • What organizational resources are available for improved resident well-being?

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