Providing Flexible Healthcare Financing Options to Help Meet the Needs of Today's Patients

Monday, July 26th, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

Unexpected healthcare expenses can be one of the biggest financial stress triggers for patients and their families. An unplanned medical visit to urgent care or a hospitalization for a sudden illness can lead to patients taking on more of their healthcare financial responsibilities by paying out-of-pocket fees. Routine care or a visit to a specialist can also leave patients wondering how much their insurance will cover and what will be left for them to pay.

This webinar will discuss how hospitals and health systems can help their patient population prepare for medical costs, including how to help them better manage and plan for unexpected or post-care bills with flexible payment options.

Four learning points:

1. The benefits of integrating financial solutions to not only meet patient needs for pre-care, point-of-care and post-care payment, but also for rapid settlement, non-recourse financing, promotional financing, and integrated payment features within leading EHR systems.

2. How offering patients a package of care and financing options bolsters their experience and helps to avoid unexpected medical costs.

3. The right resources to prepare providers for conversations with patients about planning for expected or unexpected medical costs.

4. Why it's critical for providers to be informed about costs and payment options and how to educate providers with the right resources to understand a patient's financial needs and what options are available for their budget and family.



Shannon Burke Headshot - Kristelle Khazzaka

Shannon Burke

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Health Systems, CareCredit

Debbie Welle-Powell_Advisory Board - Kristelle Khazzaka

Debbie Welle-Powell

Chief Population Health Officer for Essentia Health