Ransomware prevention in hospitals: 5 steps to take immediately

Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

For the third consecutive year, healthcare has seen a notable rise in cyberattacks. These attacks often come in the form of ransomware and result in financial losses and the collateral damage of increased mortality rates, procedure complications and longer hospital stays.

The rise in these attacks has also resulted in a better understanding of why and how they happen. In short, the healthcare industry provides a target-rich environment with lagging security practices and highly valuable data. Unfortunately, those lagging practices are not evolving at a rate that will deter attackers.

During this session, we will discuss five areas where healthcare facilities can begin to improve their cybersecurity practices. This guidance will improve your risk posture and reduce the likelihood of becoming the victim of a successful attack.

Learning Points:
  • Introduce cultural, operational and technical changes that can be made to decrease the likelihood of successful ransomware attacks
  • Better understand the cost components of a ransomware attack
  • Learn about evolving cyberattack patterns that can inform current security efforts
  • Identify specific actions that can be taken to make cybersecurity improvements more achievable


Chad Holmes

Chad Holmes

Security Evangelist, Cynerio