Reimagining Healthcare in America

Two primary challenges face America’s healthcare system today: rising costs and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. For decades, the increasing cost of healthcare has been a major strain on the economy, however little attention has been given to preventing the rapidly growing prevalence of chronic disease.  That is until now. 

Sharecare is among the first companies to adopt a population health approach, and the results are evident.

  • Blue Zones Project helps people at all stages of life by making the healthy choice the easy choice;
  • Sharecare Diabetes SolutionTM helps people take control of their diabetes through streamlined glycemic management and in-patient and out-patient educational programs.
  • Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ helps people reverse the progression of heart disease by optimizing their lifestyle choices.

Each of these solutions brings about a financial and clinical harmony that has been lacking in healthcare in recent years; politically, clinically, and financially, America’s healthcare system has long been characterized by spiraling ineffectiveness and turmoil. But implementing population health solutions that keep healthy people healthy, change the behaviors of those at risk, and use lifestyle changes to treat those with chronic conditions - the path towards a sustainable healthcare system in America is within reach.