Reimagining healthcare IT for the next decade 

In the decade since the HITECH Act was passed, first-generation electronic health record systems provided a foundation for innovations such as electronic prescribing, clinical decision support and predictive analytics.
While usability and productivity issues with EHRs have been well documented, there are significant untapped opportunities to optimize the EHR and health IT to benefit everyone from provider to patient.
In this whitepaper, PatientKeeper outlines a vision for the future of health IT through the next decade, which includes:
  • New data-driven approaches that leverage the clinical information being captured by the EHR to improve patient outcomes and reduce physician burnout
  • Optimized communication between physicians, nurses and ancillary staff to produce better patient outcomes as efficiencies improve
  • Better interoperability to improve care coordination and inspire opportunities for ideas like telemedicine to alleviate physician shortages

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