Rethinking the Value of Pain Management for the Value-based Era: New Solutions to Reduce Readmissions and Drive Revenue

An evidence-based, sophisticated approach to pain management has been shown to improve the patient experience and drive multiple revenue streams for healthcare providers. This white paper explores how closing the gap between acute, sub-acute and chronic pain is consistent with current trends in customer service and yields rewards for patients, providers and payers alike.

Pain may be subjective, but in the 21st century, its measurement and treatment applications are not. With a prescience that anticipated the movement to VBP models, ProCare Systems and parent company North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) are leading the way in pioneering innovative technologies to objectively measure patients’ perceptions of pain and pain relief, and developing new clinical protocols to ensure high customer service experiences that are equally measurable and repeatable.

As pain management continues to evolve, the healthcare industry is realizing that it’s time to move pain management into more cost-effective delivery channels that can treat patients at every stage of their pain. Healthcare providers are finding that a new approach to pain management is one prescription for the challenges associated with health care reform.  Learn why the ProCare/NAPA approach to delivering pain management services has far-reaching customer service and financial benefits for hospitals, ASCs, surgical suites and primary care practices.

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