Revenue cycle innovation:

You don't have to go it alone

Discover the strength of a modern strategic partnership

Most providers understand that innovation is the key to their future financial success, but the revenue cycle is complex, and innovation is necessary across the continuum. The question then is where to start and how? Typically, provider organizations have been taking a “go-it-alone" approach, relying on internal resources to drive innovation. However, accelerating innovation in a resource-deprived era is often best served through a strategic partnership that offers a shared governance approach, a sizable uptick in resources, and technologies and best practices oriented toward innovation. This is not traditional outsourcing, but a more contemporary co-managed approach that preserves a provider’s talent and augments overall capabilities.

This white paper outlines the opportunity for health leaders to rethink their revenue cycle strategy as a whole and leverage strategic partnerships as a new pathway to accelerate innovation and reduce risk.

Download this white paper to learn:
  • How to accelerate technology and process innovation
  • The differences between traditional outsourcing and a strategic partnership
  • 5 key reasons to adopt a partnership model
  • Structuring a partnership to share more risk and gain more benefit
  • Things to consider when selecting a strategic partner

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