Satisfying the triple aim with the dual mandate: How automation is improving the employee and patient experience and making healthcare better

For years, hospital and health system executives have focused on the Triple Aim of stronger engagement, superior outcomes and efficiencies in costs. To that end, healthcare providers have made significant technology investments. Despite all the benefits these solutions provide, leaders are still grappling with the same challenges. But there is one challenge the healthcare system hasn’t fully addressed: the increasing administrative burdens facing providers and staff.

This whitepaper describes how addressing the dual mandate—improving the experience of both healthcare consumers and healthcare workers—through automation can help leaders finally make serious progress toward the Triple Aim.

Download the whitepaper to learn:
  • The market forces driving the healthcare industry towards automation
  • How automation is the antidote to manual workflows, vastly improving engagement for staff and patients
  • The journey of one midwestern hospital that is saving 24 minutes of staff time per patient visit with a 91% patient satisfaction rate through automated patient intake

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