Scott Becker interviews Dr. Robert Pearl, Former CEO of the Permanente Medical Group / Co-Host of the Fixing Healthcare Podcast / Bestselling Author / Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Medicine / Forbes Contributor

In this episode Scott Becker interviews Dr. Robert Pearl.

Dr. Pearl is a Forbes healthcare contributor, host of the popular "Fixing Healthcare" podcast, and publisher of an e-newsletter for over 10,000 subscribers called "Monthly Musings on American Healthcare." He's the author of "Mistreated: Why We think We’re Getting Good Healthcare—And Why We’re Usually Wrong," a Washington Post bestseller. All proceeds from the book go to Doctors Without Borders. He serves as a clinical professor of plastic surgery at Stanford Medicine and teaches courses on strategy, leadership and health-tech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. For 18 years, Pearl was CEO of The Permanente Medical Group (Kaiser Permanente), the nation's largest medical group, and was for eight years president of The Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. In these roles he led 10,000 physicians, 38,000 staff and oversaw the medical care of 5 million KP members on both coasts. He’s a frequent keynote speaker at both Health and MedTech conferences worldwide.