Consumerism in Healthcare: How Patients are Shifting their Patient Engagement Strategies

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has had to react to a wave of new guidelines and policy changes. On top of that, patients are expecting a more tailored experience from their healthcare provider, forcing hospitals and health systems to pivot their patient engagement strategies to maintain a positive consumer experience. So how are healthcare providers shifting their patient engagement strategies to meet consumerism?
Join this high-engagement webinar and learn from top industry experts:
  • How consumerism is affecting patient engagement in healthcare
  • How the relationship between the patient's financial experience and patient experience could make or break your provider organization
  • How providers and RCM vendors are shifting strategies to address consumerism
  • How the pandemic, consumerism and recent regulations will affect the future of healthcare


Mac Boyter - MB - Maddi Billings

Mac Boyter

KLAS Research, Research Director

Mark Starr - MB - Maddi Billings

Mark Starr

Curae, Executive Vice President

Melissa Sciba - MB - Maddi Billings

Melissa Sciba

HealthPay24, Customer Success Manager