Six steps to position your lab as a strategic pillar of the health system

As the health industry shifts from volume to value, patient
outcomes are replacing revenue as a central measure of health system
success. In response, lab leaders must think beyond their own cost
centers and expand the lab’s capacity to support value-based strategic

Position the lab as a strategic pillar by creating value across all
programs. The following steps are designed to help lab leaders reframe
and elevate the lab’s position as a core component of systemwide success.

What you’ll learn:

  • Identify how the lab contributes to the system’s strategic imperatives.
  • Use data to illuminate the path forward.
  • Identify how lab services contribute to Total Cost of Care.
  • Change the way you measure success.
  • Adopt a new language.
  • Maintain a strong footing in both models (volume to value) during the transition.


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