Standardizing remote vendor access ensures HIPAA compliance. Here's how Medical Center Hospital did it.


Without a standardized method, vendors move through health system networks with a wide range of methodologies including modems, VPN accounts, desktop sharing tools and more. This disorganized access is insecure and compromises HIPAA compliance.

At Medical Center Hospital, disorganized vendor access created three significant problems:

1. Their IT staff had to be heavily involved.
2. There was no common method of tracking the remote access sessions.
3. It was impossible to implement a uniform security policy, making HIPAA compliance difficult to determine.

Download this case study to learn how the hospital was able to implement a uniform security policy and ensure HIPAA compliance by:

  • Strictly defining system access for each vendor.
  • Taking the load off IT staff in administering support connections.
  • Ensuring network security and compliance.

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