Supply chain resilience: Pandemic lessons, current strategies + innovation

Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Hear from healthcare supply chain luminary, Teresa Dail, as she shares what a pandemic and a tornado in the same week of 2020 taught her about the innovation trajectory needed in healthcare supply chain. Teresa will share executive-level insights on lessons learned and key risk mitigation moves during COVID, what her team is currently focused on, and what she anticipates coming next.

She will discuss her views on the path toward supply chain resilience, how to shore up the supply chain, and the first steps to creating global transparency.

Teresa will share the goals, ambitions, and targeted outcomes from this innovative focus.

Andy Perry, Curvo's Co-Founder and CEO, will join the conversation and support Teresa in discussing how strong technology partners contribute to supply chain resilience.

This will be the first session in a series for how healthcare supply chain teams can progress toward a resilient supply chain.


Teresa Dail (2)

Teresa Dail

Chief Supply Chain Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, President, Vanderbilt Health Supply Chain Solutions, Vanderbilt Health Purchasing Collaborative and Carefluent Connect




Andy Perry

Co-Founder and CEO, Curvo Labs



Jenny Vance

Chief Revenue Officer, Curvo Labs