Taking Systemness to the Next Level: Savvy Health Systems Focus on the Basics to Achieve Higher Goals

Large healthcare companies deliver thousands of items every day to an ever-expanding delivery network. And while not every item is critical in a life-and-death sense, they are collectively vital to operational efficiency and the consistent delivery of safe and high-quality care.

Too many of these organizations overlook the enterprise-wide advantages of strategically deploying these items, and instead manage them on a departmental level with a transactional, commodity mindset. That leads to fragmentation, redundancies and added costs.

The field of intra-company logistics is gaining the attention of healthcare CEOs, CFOs, COOs and function heads because these leaders understand that the most fundamental job of their organization is to make sure that people have what they need, when they need it, in order to do their work. Leaders who deploy intra-company logistics understand the meaningful opportunity that exists to leverage their organization’s logistical framework to operate as one, integrated system.

Combined with advanced technology, sophisticated intra-company logistics drive standardization, centralize and streamline operations, eliminate fragmentation and redundancies, limit risk and liabilities, reduce down-time; and even reduce overall energy use.

The lesson is simple: When health companies get transportation right, they save time and money while improving performance.

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