The age of efficiency — 9 must-reads on data and practical innovation for C-suite leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the "business as usual" mentality in healthcare. No longer can hospitals tolerate the operational inefficiencies that have plagued the industry for years, and most organizations are already sitting on the key to their salvation — data.

To optimize operations, healthcare executives must find a way to unlock the wisdom within their data surplus and use the insights within to support pragmatic, waste-eliminating solutions. This ebook contains nine must-read articles focused on data and innovation. The insights contained in these stories can help hospital CIOs and CEOs drive change and usher in an age of efficiency at their organizations.

Articles include:
  • Proactive security in action: How health systems demonstrate the ROI in risk prevention
  • Pragmatic innovation: CIO Dr. Andrew Rosenberg's approach to new tech investment
  • The modern CIO's challenge: More tech spending without adding to overall organizational costs
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, 'innovation isn't optional, it's required': Key insights from UPMC Enterprise President Tal Heppenstall
  • HBR: Relying on data will improve decision-making — 10 steps to foster a data-driven culture
  • Healthcare CIOs in 2020: 3 key priorities & how the role is evolving
  • Keck Medicine of USC's IT investment strategy: Key thoughts on taking risks and big opportunities in 2020
  • The IT roles health systems added in 2020 and the focus for next year
  • Health IT one year from today: 8 CIO predictions  


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