The care patients deserve: A step-by-step map of a better behavioral healthcare journey

The U.S. is in the middle of widespread mental health crisis and there isn't enough help to go around. Nearly 40 percent of the country's population lives in a mental health professional shortage area. It's time for healthcare leaders to think differently about how these patients receive care.

Combining in-person, virtual and automated care to not only strengthen the patient experience but deliver better care with improved outcomes. Take a walk through a patient journey and see how care modalities are combined to create a seamless user experience within acute and outpatient settings, all the way to automated and virtual care in the home.

In this infographic you will walk through one patient’s behavioral health journey as they:

• Receive acute psychiatry care in the emergency department and in-patient unit
• Are entered into a virtual outpatient program
• Enter maintenance mode, including therapy at home, coaching, and self-directed care
• Trigger an escalation from automated to virtual care


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