The Comprehensive Guide to Building an Internal Agency

Several health systems have launched their own internal travel programs to offer competitive, flexible work options for their front-line nurses, providing a cost-effective alternative to expensive contract labor use.

These flexible workforce programs are essential for health systems to stay competitive. However, building and launching these programs can be a challenge.

This guide explains how to build and launch an internal agency as it walks you through step-by-step design principles, workforce segments for the program, and key factors for launch and sustainability.

Key learnings:
  • Define what an internal agency is and the benefits of the program for both front-line nurses and health systems.
  • Provide an overview on how health systems can build and launch their own internal travel program from start to finish.
  • Identify workforce segments that may be interested in joining an internal travel program.
  • Explain the necessary workforce technology capabilities needed to efficiently begin the program.

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