The end of fragmented care: Expert insights on digital transformation and the patient journey

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Healthcare providers are now seeing the longtail effects of the pandemic persist with significant staffing shortages and increased turnover. Despite these challenges, today's forward-looking organizations are advancing digital transformation.

The aim is to leverage digital solutions and artificial intelligence capabilities to enable data-driven decision making at the point of care. Through streamlined decision making, these solutions can better support overburdened clinicians, improve patient outcomes and bolster financial performance.

During the panel discussion, clinical and medtech leaders will discuss approaches to data management and workflow automation that can improve patient care and reduce administrative burden.


Richard-Rapoza_1x1 - Molly Traverso

Richard Rapoza

PhD, DVP of Research and Development, Abbott’s Vascular business

Jill Kalman_1x1

Jill Kalman

MD, Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President and Deputy Physician-in-Chief, Northwell Health


Jaya Phookan

MD, Chief Medical Officer, Aurora Medical Center Mount Pleasant


Joon Lee

MD, Senior Vice President, UPMC and President, UPMC Physician Services, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center