The frictionless revenue cycle and patient care journey — An Ascension case study

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Today’s healthcare leaders face growing pressure amid high consumer expectations and strong competition to keep patients as well as clinicians and staff. What's needed are strategies that eliminate the pervasive friction that plagues today's patient journeys and provider interactions.

During this webinar, you'll hear from leaders at Ascension about how they crafted and executed a patient-centric revenue cycle strategy to reduce that friction, streamline care journeys, reduce costs and achieve faster reimbursement.

Learnings include:

  • How to standardize, digitize and automate orders, scheduling, registration, clearance, intake and payment.
  • How to engage consumers and patients with an intuitive, convenient experience that welcomes them to the health system and removes common points of friction in the care journey.
  • How to offload repetitive tasks from health system staff to improve job satisfaction in a competitive market and enable staff to focus on higher-value patient care and service activities.


Jon.Sohn-Ascension-Headshot-2021 - Patrick Josellis

Jon Sohn

SVP, Chief Revenue Officer, Ascension

Kramer.Schmidt-Ascension-Headshot-2021 - Patrick Josellis

Kramer Schmidt

VP Consumer Product, Ascension


Mandie Brzon

VP Revenue Cycle, Ascension


Joe Polaris (1)

Joe Polaris

SVP, Product and Technology, R1 RCM