The frightening connection between the economy and chronic disease

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

We’re already in the midst of a chronic disease crisis in the U.S. as nearly 40% of the country has two or more chronic physical and mental health conditions. Add to that the rising costs of staying healthy — things like healthy food, preventive care, and medications — and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing.
Is there time to prevent it before system-wide healthcare costs skyrocket even more?
We think so.
Built right, chronic care solutions help treat existing symptoms while instilling behavior changes that slow or prevent long-term progression. Improved, lasting habits like healthy eating, exercise, and medication adherence can stem the tide, and well-trained providers can help members adapt healthy habits to any budget.
Join us to learn how:
  • Economic downturns make social determinants even worse
  • Well-trained providers can adapt healthy patterns to any budget
  • Financial insecurity contributes to mental health challenges like anxiety, depression and stress
  • Treating the body and mind together leads to sustainable behavior change


Richard Frank - Daniel Gest

Dr. Richard Frank

MDSVP - Medical Affairs

Gretchen Zimmerman - Daniel Gest

Gretchen Zimmerman

Head of Cardiometabolic Disease

Kevin Knight - Daniel Gest

Kevin Knight

Chief Marketing Officer (Moderator)