How the future of big data and precision medicine will impact cancer care

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Precision medicine is already transforming cancer care, allowing for more personalized treatments that can improve or prolong the lives of patients with cancer. However, more work is needed to unlock precision medicine's full value. The first step is empowering oncologists with more data and analytics tools to drive meaningful insights.

During this webinar, four industry experts will discuss the current state of precision medicine in oncology, how big data can better support cancer care and how health systems can share actionable insights with clinical teams.

Key learnings:
  • The future of precision medicine and how it's changing cancer care
  • How does integrating genomic results into data enhance treatment options
  • How can we evolve oncology data infrastructures to make them more accessible, useful, reliable and efficient


James Hamrick - Taylor Ross

James Hamrick

MD, MPH, VP of Clinical Oncology, Flatiron

Murat Sincan 2 - Taylor Ross

Murat Sincan

MD, FAMIA, Director of Health Informatics, Flatiron


Jerry Mitchell

MD, MBA, Director Field Medical Oncology, Foundation Medicine


Alan Braly

SM, MBA, Senior Director, Data & Insights Delivery, Foundation Medicine