The future of care – How augmented video analytics is transforming care for patients, residents and staff

Monday, June 28th, 2021 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT

Today's health and long-term care facilities must balance the tasks of providing high-quality care, maintaining labor costs and lowering liability risks. The COVID-19 pandemic added to those demands with rapidly changing regulations and a renewed focus on customer sentiment. As a result, care facilities are prioritizing technology-based solutions.

This webinar explores the care innovations made possible through the use of computer vision and machine learning technologies. Such solutions will be unavoidable in the future, as they improve care for residents, patients and staff.
Key learning points:
  • Reduce patient risk management by detecting elopement risk, wandering patients, missed meals and missed medication
  • Monitor wellness and acuity levels by tracking resident ambulatory speed, posture, and head pose in the nursing home setting
  • Comply with COVID-19 safety protocols by alerting on facemask and social distancing noncompliance of visitors and staff
  • Mitigate patient risk by detecting equipment tampering, falls, and self-harm



Mike - Carly Xagas

Mike Brandofino

President & COO of Caregility


Sushant Mongia

Video Communications Software Architect and Developer, Caregility