The Future of OB Hospitalist Programs: The Unexpected Deliverables

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 | 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT 

As patient safety, clinical quality and outcomes consume increasing portions of the financial risk and penalties, OB hospitalists programs are growing and evolving to help manage that challenge for one of the hospital’s most crucial patient populations, women and children’s services.

You might expect that with an OB hospitalist on-site 24/7, hospitals are better equipped to manage obstetric and gynecologic care and emergencies, providing the ultimate in patient safety while reducing liability and risk. That’s true. But there are unexpected benefits as well. Join us to learn more.   

By attending this webinar, the participant will learn: 

  • What this specialty has achieved since its inception just over 10 years ago
  • The unexpected beneficiaries: medical staff physicians, nursing, hospital administration and career OB hospitalists
  • Why a safety-focused hospital shouldn’t go without an OB hospitalist program
  • How OB hospitalists programs are evolving and predictions for the future
  • Obstacles to implementing an OB hospitalist program
  • Key considerations for outsourcing the program



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