The future of the ED: How AI can transform care and reduce diagnostic errors

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

Patient safety and physician burnout remain top concerns in the emergency department. Diagnostic errors are made in EDs every day, with the failure to diagnose accounting for 60 percent of medical errors and malpractice claims. Real‑time guidance for emergency medicine is not only critical for reducing adverse safety events for those most at risk, but also for achieving quality outcomes and decreasing physicians' burden. That’s where artificial intelligence comes into play.
With AI, EDs can reduce diagnostic uncertainty and the number of adverse patient safety events, leading to better clinical alignment around the highest risks. Join this free webinar for a discussion with industry experts about the key role AI will play in the future of the ED.
You'll learn more about how AI can:
  • Revolutionize the physician-patient experience
  • Improve patient safety in the ED
  • Decrease burnout and cognitive burden among ED physicians
  • Automatically identify and provide real-time advice to avoid failure to diagnose errors


Reid Conant (1)

Dr. Reid Conant


Rizwan Pasha (1)

Dr. Rizwan Pasha

MD, CMIO, Nuance