The Impact of First Impressions on Patient Acquisition and Revenue

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 | 11:00am - 12:00pm CT 

Patients now have more choices and online information when it comes to shopping around for healthcare. With patient acquisition and retention impacting revenue of healthcare systems and providers - even more so in competitive markets – do you have a strategy in place for engaging patients online and influencing their decision making?

Starting with a “first impressions matter” approach, Yext Head of Healthcare, Carrie Liken, and Binary Fountain’s EVP of Strategy, Andrew Rainey, will share what types of information influence patient decisions most, where patients go to look for them, and how increasing discoverability leads to increased appointments and increased revenue for your health system. 

Learning Points: 

  • Steps to creating a strategy that will help impact patient acquisition
  • How to attract more patients by optimizing "Rich Listings"
  • The power of online rating and reviews - and why you need them
  • Why taking a transparent approach to sharing information is vital to engaging patients


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