The key ingredient to a successful hospital-at-home program

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT

Hospital-at-home programs are gaining momentum because of the benefits for patients and health systems, including increased patient satisfaction, improved patient outcomes, better performance on value-based metrics and relieving facility capacity constraints. Research suggests 30 percent of existing admissions can be addressed by a hospital-at-home program supported by a successful home health program.
A strong Home Health foundation is a key ingredient in delivering a successful hospital-at-home program. Health systems need to assemble and integrate the required ecosystem, particularly skilled and nonskilled home health. Other factors include predictive analytics, telehealth, remote monitoring and in-home diagnostics. This webinar will share how health systems can coordinate their portfolio of physicians and family members to ensure their patients receive the appropriate level of care, deliver superior quality/satisfaction and receive pertinent information across the continuum to continually maintain the best care and outcomes.
Learning points: 
  • How to identify and coordinate care with physicians and family members to ensure patients receive the appropriate level of care in the home
  • How to deliver and maintain superior care quality for higher acuity patients in the home.
  • How operational complexity and processes for home health differ in a hospital-at-home environment
  • Home Health Data integration strategies for hospital at home


Everett Neal - Perla Ponce

Everett Neal

President, Alternate Solutions health Network

Chad Creech - Perla Ponce

Chad Creech

Chief Strategy & Integration Officer

Teri Shoulder - Perla Ponce

Teri Shoulder

Chief Quality Officer

Neeraj Jotsinghani - Perla Ponce

Neeraj Jotsinghani

Chief Information Officer

Jeff Forshee - Perla Ponce

Jeff Forshee

Senior Vice President, Business Development