The patient transfer problem: How health systems can improve patient acquisition, access to care

Healthcare access and patient transfers have been a challenge in healthcare for decades. The pandemic has amplified the severity of these challenges amid unprecedented surges in demand and widespread staff shortages and burnout.

Many stories have emerged about hospitals struggling to transfer patients to appropriate sites of care. In some instances, the consequences have been deadly. These tragedies shed light on the need for a new approach to patient transfers that alleviates staff burden, improves rapid access to acute care and closes care gaps.

In a recent advisory call, industry leaders discussed how healthcare organizations optimize transfer services with the right data and technology to retain patients and galvanize growth.

Key takeaways from the discussion are featured in this whitepaper and include:
  • The top transfer center challenges for health systems
  • The benefits of implementing a centralized patient transfer center model
  • How to use data and technology to retain patients and optimize hospital system growth
  • How to make it easier for patients to access the care they need when they need it

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