The Road to 2021: Insights on innovation and recovery for pediatric hospitals

While pediatric providers have not faced the bulk of the clinical burden created by the COVID-19 pandemic like their adult counterparts, it has still brought challenges. Many pediatric well-care visits were delayed or skipped in the early months of the pandemic, stalling vaccine schedules and delaying potential diagnosis of serious health conditions.

As pediatric hospitals begin operations in 2021, it is essential that they implement technology that aligns with their mission and goals, allows them to reach more patients and frees up clinical staff’s time so they can spend more of it caring for patients.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to:
  • Resume regular care while supporting both your clinical mission and their bottom line
  • Take advantage of CMS’ increased reimbursement rates by expanding telehealth offerings
  • Implement technology that allows clinical staff to spend more time with patients


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