The shift to outpatient: How ENT practices are expanding care and cutting costs

The site of care for many ear, nose and throat procedures is shifting from the hospital to outpatient settings. While physicians see advantages to moving procedures out of the hospital environment, they are also grappling with the rising costs of practicing otolaryngology and performing procedures in an office setting.

As this shift occurs, many physicians are seeking new innovations to reduce costs, perform at a higher level and offer care to larger numbers of patients.

This whitepaper features insights from three leading otolaryngologists about the challenges
facing their practices and how they're adopting a new, single-use approach to microdebridement to create a positive clinician and patient experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Challenges and opportunities of shifting ENT procedures to the office
  • How single-use microdebriders can expand the scope of ENT care delivered in-office and reduce cost of care

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