The Social Determinants of Health: Improving population health with data-driven insights

The social determinants of health (SDOH) are increasingly recognized as critical drivers of health and well-being. SDOH data can help healthcare organizations better understand and manage a variety of chronic conditions, but the key is to find the right data, understand its relevance, and apply it directly to patient care.

In our latest white paper, ZeOmega co-authored with the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE), we present a new approach to improving population health outcomes by applying public and proprietary data sources to the identification and addressing of SDOH needs.

In The Social Determinants of Health: Improving Population Health With Data-Driven Insights, you’ll read about:

  • Why SDOH are important to population health management
  • What public data sources are available to address SDOH
  • What conditions are commonly affected by SDOH
  • How ZeOmega can help you apply SDOH data to your population health strategy


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