The State of Consumer Telehealth

Insights from Teladoc's 2016 Telehealth Survey 

The results are in — 2016 Hospital & Health Systems Benchmark Survey: Consumer Telehealth

Teladoc in partnership with Becker’s Healthcare conducted a benchmark survey to gain insight from U.S. hospital and health system executives on the current consumer telehealth landscape. This e-book presents these findings which assessed hospitals’ and health systems’ stage of development and future plans for consumer telehealth across seven categories. Along with the data, each subsection offers analysis on how hospital and health system leaders currently use the technology and how they can better incorporate it into their strategies to improve care outcomes, increase operational efficiency and enhance the care experience for both patients and providers.

Within this e-book you'll learn: 

  • Three reasons more hospitals are adopting consumer telehealth
  • The current state of consumer telehealth, and what components to consider when implementing a telehealth program at your facility 
  • Lessons learned from organizations that have already implemented a telehealth program