Think outside the silo: 5 steps that transform data into actionable information

Do you know how your competitors perform in clinical quality, cost, and market share? We do.

Can you identify the most impactful opportunities in quality, cost and market share? We can.

If you can, will you be able to sustain those changes? We will.

Pulse performance improvement takes an innovative vector, or service line, approach to focus on the most significant performance issues impacting clinical and operational performance. It resonates with health systems because it avoids ineffective silo-driven optimizations traditionally offered by most consulting firms.

Instead, Pulse utilizes powerful analytics to diagnose areas of opportunity and uses a continuum approach to span the organization (across clinical, revenue cycle, supply chain, pharmacy and post-acute domains) to identify areas where performance can be optimized.

Hospitals and health systems can realize significant, sustainable improvements without expansive and expensive teams of consultants and resources to achieve outcomes.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • How to successfully leverage data by understanding true current performance
  • The importance of thinking outside of the silo and into cross-functional service lines
  • The blessing and challenge of widespread EHR implementation

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