Too critical to compromise: Selecting exam gloves for safety and savings

Wednesday, June 12th, 2019 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

Standardization is a proven strategy to reduce costs and improve efficiency. However, excess standardization can create a new (and perhaps surprising) set of challenges that most hospitals and health systems tend to overlook. When budgets are cut and exam gloves are scrutinized under standardization efforts, clinicians can be under protected and feel undervalued in some patient settings.

In this webinar, the fundamental value of exam gloves as a clinical barrier—essentially a “first line of defense” in protecting the caregiver will be discussed. Excess standardization can put clinicians at greater (and needless) risk, while exposing the provider to higher costs due to HAIs and diminished productivity, as well as not keeping up with changing standards such as USP <800>. Attendees will learn the value of standardizing to an appropriate, “risk-adjusted” mix of high-use and specialty exam gloves.

Learning points:

  1. Learn how to standardize and realize cost and storage savings without compromising staff and patient safety
  2. Understand the risks of excess standardization
  3. Identify the benefits of an appropriate high-use and specialty mix of exam gloves



 Cardinal June Webinar Revised

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