Top 4 things the CFO needs to know about Purchased Services

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 | 1:00PM - 2:00PM CDT

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment, hospital CFO’s face a number of challenges including changing reimbursement levels, the transition to ICD-10 and trend of hospital consolidation among other factors. These add to the ongoing effort to drive cost savings and drive value creation for their hospital. However, an untapped area continues to lie within the Purchased Services space.

There are four key points that every Hospital CFO should keep in mind related to Purchased Services:
1. Purchased Services impact a hospital’s revenue and cost structure
2. Driving Purchased Services improvement often requires leadership engagement
3. The Purchased Services supplier market continues to mature and gain complexity
4. Managing purchased service contracts is challenging but worth the effort

Join MD Buyline expert, Peter Stelling as we explore these four topics and focus on the key questions CFO's need to ask their organizations in this space.