Trends in Carrier Behavior and Top Coding and Billing Challenges for Spine and Pain Management

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CDT 

Successful Spine and Pain Management ASCs have seen the landscape change quite dramatically in the past three to four years. Technology is advancing and more complex procedures are occurring in the ASC environment. ASCs have also seen a change in carrier behavior. There is quite a bit of confusion as to what is being covered by the big insurance companies, what has been reduced from a reimbursement perspective and how they define medical necessity. Have you been watching how this effects your cash-flow?  We will address these issues and outline best practices for coding and billing in this new environment. Sign up for this webinar to keep your finger on the pulse of the best financial management strategies for Spine and Pain Management ASCs as it relates to your revenue cycle management.

Learning Points:

  • Better understanding of carrier behavior for spine and pain management ASCs as it relates to medical necessity.
  • Best practices for out of network vs in network strategies.
  • Complex spine surgeries and pain management procedures and the best way to code and bill in today’s world.