Uncovering the unknown: Closing post-pandemic privacy, compliance & security loopholes

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

What are your new hires or 3rd parties doing that you don’t know about? Who is accessing COVID or other vulnerable patient information? How are vaccines being tracked in your organization?

Finding the answers while fixing many of the holes exposed in the last year is what healthcare organizations are facing now. The question is – How do you obtain and analyze the data? How do you promise secure patient data privacy without clear visibility into each identity and the behavior around that identity?

Join this webinar to learn from Nancy O’Neill, Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer at Tampa General Hospital, as she shares how their patient privacy intelligence solution finds the risks before they wreak havoc. She’ll cover:

  • How to catch snooping and spot impermissible access to health records
  • Uncover inappropriate record modification
  • Identify compromised credentials
  • How patient privacy is a key part of their digital identity strategy



Alex photo

Alexis Maceira MPA, CHPE

Senior Compliance Specialist

Tampa General Hospital

Nancy ONeill headshot - Cierra Levy

Nancy O’Neill, RN, MBA, CHC, CHPC

Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

Tampa General Hospital


Wes Wright

Chief Technology Officer