Unlock the full potential of your clinical assets — A guide for hospital leaders

Hospital executives are tasked with ensuring clinicians have the necessary equipment to deliver the best patient care possible. Amid industrywide financial challenges, healthcare executives can best ensure individual providers have what they need by not making superfluous medical device purchases and optimizing the useful life of current clinical assets.

In November 2019, at Becker's 8th Annual CEO & CFO Roundtable in Chicago, the clinical asset management provider TRIMEDX hosted an executive roundtable to explore how data-driven clinical asset management help protect patients and a health system's bottom line. Attendee participants included hospital CEOs, chief revenue cycle officers and COOs, among other leadership roles. This whitepaper is based on their discussion.

Key learning points include:

  • How to create better informed equipment replacement strategies with data.
  • How to extend the useful life of medical equipment.
  • How to improve patient safety, clinician satisfaction and equipment utilization through optimized clinical asset management.


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