Using an HRO Model in the Perioperative Suite: Your Nurses’ Perspective

The methods employed by high reliability organizations (HROs) provide an orderly approach to managing complex, high-stakes issues that are unique to hospitals.

Becoming an HRO decreases variability through attention to detail in daily operations. This becomes the foundation for improved clinical outcomes and cost-savings in the form of greater efficiencies, increased staff satisfaction, and reduced waste.

Nexera posed 28 questions to assess nurses’ general understanding of HRO principles and their perception of how their facilities have put those principles into action in the OR. Nexera’s goal was to find common opportunities for improvement and determine if there is a connection between identified pain points and process gaps.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • how nurses perceive HROs versus how they put HRO principles into practice
  • what nine practices can be employed to achieve high reliability in the perioperative suite
  • the top pain points identified by nurses and the top five areas in which they feel their organizations need to improve in order to become an HRO.


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