Getting the most out of patient data to transform cancer care delivery

Monday, June 28th, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CT

The landscape of cancer care and delivery is dynamic and rapidly changing, and while there's incredible potential for technology to accelerate research and improve the quality of personalized care, much of the available data is spread across the country's massive, fragmented health system.

The right data infrastructure, however, can allow health systems to leverage real-world patient data, translating to improved quality performance and value-based care delivery.

During this discussion, industry experts will discuss how real-world data paired with the right infrastructure can be used to analyze and improve quality performance, report on metrics and more.
Key learning points:
  • Understand real-world data, its uses, and how it has impacted health systems, health policy, drug development and direct patient care 
  • Exemplify how data tools and data sources improve patient risk assessment, quality metrics and value-based care
  • Learn foundations for creating the right data infrastructure and implementing data driven best practices in your health system



Ivy.Altomare - Taylor Ross

Ivy Altomare, MD

Current Medical Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs, Flatiron Health, Former Associate Professor of Medicine, Duke University and Assistant Medical Director of the Duke Cancer Network