Using technology to empower staff with workforce management strategies while saving millions

Thursday, July 26 | 1:00pm-2:00pm CT

For Memorial Hermann, an analysis of their workforce management (WFM) strategy revealed the need to take action and make their workforce management practice a priority to drive savings – the cost of doing nothing was too high. During this webinar, Memorial Hermann information services and nursing leaders will share how they changed their processes to increase accountability and better leverage their WFM technology to achieve millions of dollars in labor cost savings. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Creating a change in staffing strategy that helped deliver significant savings through reduced overtime and decreased agency usage
  • The management of a large-scale staffing initiative that leveraged both internal and external expertise and resources
  • Strategies for using WFM technology and data to create a culture of accountability that supports employee engagement and delivers on significant ROI

Learning Points: 

  1. Understand strategies to use WFM analytics to support cost savings and employee engagement
  2. Learn how WFM technology can help ensure employees work up to their commitment, enabling the organization to reduce overtime and agency usage
  3. Develop a project rollout plan that leverages best practices and partnership between the client and the vendor to maximize outcomes