Using telehealth triage to reduce costly in-person care for managed medicaid patients

Pediatric Associates, the largest privately-owned primary care pediatric practice in the country, cares for more than 500,000 patients—55% of whom are in risk-based contracts under Managed Medicaid. The organization found that many of its patients were utilizing the emergency department for low-acuity conditions that could be better treated either in a primary care office or through telehealth.

In this case study, Pediatric Associates discusses how it integrated telehealth into its triage line to divert unnecessary care from the ED and improve access.

Read the case study to learn how Pediatric Associates:

  • Conducts more than 3,000 telehealth visits per month with existing patients
  • Uses telehealth to decrease patient wait times by 75%
  • Reduced ER use by 60% among high ER utilizers for low-acuity conditions
  • Expanded beyond its triage line to care for pediatric patients across Florida


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