What healthcare can learn from supply chain-driven industries — A live virtual discussion

Thursday, August 20th, 2020 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM CT

This webcast looks at how optimizing the provider supply chain with the use of cloud and innovative technologies can drive operational excellence and reduce the time caregivers spend looking for supplies.

Maverick spending and stock outs are significant issues in the supply chain that contribute to cost overages and impact care quality. How can you leverage more mature supply chain practices to drive better operations and patient care amid COVID-19 challenges? What best practices can you draw directly from supply chain-driven industries? And how can you better prepare your organization for future disruptions?

In this webcast you'll get answers to those questions and more. Learnings include:

  • How other industries like demand and supply planning can inspire best practices to improve your provider supply chain and foster organizational resilience
  • How to assess the maturity level of your organization's supply chain
  • How to prepare and safeguard your organization against future disruptions
  • How you can leverage real-time analytics, emerging technologies and cloud capabilities to support your organization's health in challenging times



John Harvey Headshot - Daniel Gest

John C. Harvey

Executive Director, Healthcare Industry Services