When Cyber Attacks Hit, Disaster Recovery is not Enough


In healthcare, the stakes could not be higher when it comes to cybersecurity. Organizations need to prevent the potential loss of revenue and erosion in brand reputation and patient trust. A healthcare breach increases patient churn by 6.7 percent and results in a reputational loss worth nearly $4 million, not counting the estimated $1 million necessary for breach remediation, according to the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.

Unfortunately, the rate of successful cyberattacks is proving there is no such thing as 100% prevention. A recent study by IDG and Iron Mountain revealed that, despite the heavy focus on prevention, nearly 40% of healthcare organizations have experienced a ransomware attack. Considering this, it has become critical for healthcare organizations to evolve to a more balanced data management strategy that enables cyber recovery and resilience.

Read this e-book, based on a roundtable discussion with nine hospital and health system IT leaders, to learn:

  • What contributes to imbalance in health systems' data management strategy and considerations to better enable cyber recovery and resilience
  • The strengths and deficiencies of traditional backup and recovery methods
  • Factors heightening cybersecurity threats against hospitals and health systems


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