Better ROI for Emergency Psychiatric Services

How Telemedicine Helps Clear ED Backlogs and Eliminates Unnecessary Costs

Telemedicine solutions for the ED are yielding remarkable ROI. By making board-certified psychiatrists available through telemedicine, your emergency department can evaluate patients quickly, determine whether they need to be admitted, and, discharge them sooner. Shorter wait times are better for patients, as long waits can exacerbate their symptoms. And, quickly assessing patients accurately frees up beds for patients with the most acute need as well as creating more revenue-generating opportunities for the hospital. This whitepaper explains how Specialists on Call (SOC) psychiatrists have helped increase reversals of involuntary commitments, further reducing costs and improving outcomes for our partner hospitals. SOC psychiatrists have conducted more than 75,000 consults as of July 2017, with a response time to video averaging 65 minutes. Consider that:

  • One in eight ED patients has a mental health or substance abuse problem
  • Nationwide average ED boarding times 8-34 hours
  • Average boarding costs alone are $2,264
  • Shortage of psychiatrists worsening

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