Why Integrating Patient Intake, Engagement and Access is Critical for Safety, Satisfaction and Net Revenue

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Patients want to engage with healthcare like they shop on Amazon, book travel on Expedia and use their mobile phones. COVID-19 makes it clear that satisfying patient demands for digital experience and safety go hand-in-hand. If not done well, your hospital faces the threat of lost patient revenue, increased costs and a nasty reputation.

Join this webinar to get the blueprint on providing a safe, satisfying and lucrative patient experience. You’ll learn why integrating patient intake, engagement and access is critical to improving patient convenience and flow, reducing patient anxiety and decreasing burden on your staff. We’ll examine how hospitals that embrace digital patient engagement and intake solutions enable consumers to safely engage with their care while increasing patient volume and driving higher net revenue—that’s a win-win.

Learning Objectives:
In this webinar, you’ll learn why:

  • Investing in integrated digital patient access, intake and engagement yields significant ROI in reduced hospital costs, improved efficiency and increased net revenue
  • Providing one technology platform for tools like self pre-registration, appointment alerts, registration, check-in and virtual waiting rooms is critical to maximizing patient satisfaction and revenue capture, while reducing costs
  • Implementing integrated digital patient access, intake and engagement solutions complement and increase the value of your EHR and patient portals
  • Embracing patients as your new registrars and offering digital patient intake and engagement tools is critical to optimizing your revenue cycle, preventing denials and maximizing payment
  • Moving to online self-registration, out-of-pocket cost estimates and digital communications improves patient loyalty, promotes your brand and attracts and retains patients


Valerie Barckhoff - Taylor Ross

Valerie Barckhoff

Principal, Windham Brannon

Clint Jones (2) - Taylor Ross

Clint Jones

CHFP, Vice President, Business Development, AccuReg