Interoperability update: Why it's time to for hospitals to move away from outmoded information sharing

When healthcare achieves true interoperability, patient care will be more personalized and value driven. However, the industry is still reliant on antiquated modes of information sharing like paper fax.

In a 2021 Healthcare Industry Trends Survey of more than 1,300 healthcare organizations, 61 percent of respondents said they still use paper fax to transmit patient data. More surprising is that 56 percent of them believe fax will remain a valuable, or even dominant communication method over the next 5 years.

While paper fax won't disappear overnight, once converted into digital documents, technologies can be applied to provide meaningful, analytics-ready data, which can then be submitted into an EHR and consumed within an efficient workflow, supporting true interoperability.

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  • Improve healthcare data exchange
  • Streamline providers' workflows
  • Meet regulatory pressures

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